There are a number of pay and display car parks in Stourport, payment can be made with cash, or via the JustPark app. Learn more about cashless parking.

Bridge Street

Type: Short Stay
Postcode: DY13 8XB
Stay: Up to 2 hours, open 24 hours a day

ID: 184441

Raven Street

Type: Long Stay
Postcode: DY13 3SA
Stay: Up to 48 hours, open 24 hours a day

ID: 184435

Severn Meadows No.1

Type: Long Stay
Postcode: DY13 3SA
Stay: Up to 48 hours, open 24 hours a day

ID: 184436

Severn Meadows No.2

Type: Long Stay
Postcode: DY13 3SA
Stay: Up to 48 hours, open when needed until 10pm in summer, 6.30pm in winter

ID: 184437

Severn Meadows No.3

Type: Long Stay
Postcode: DY13 3SA
Stay: Overflow car park, open as required

ID: 184438

Motorcycle parking

Motorcycle parking is available on Severn Meadows 2 (behind the Civic Centre).


Coaches may be able to park on our Severn Meadows 3 car park in Stourport. This must be arranged 14 days in advance by calling our Business Support Unit on 01562 732928. 

Parking prices are subject to our Off Street Parking Places Consolidation order.

There are no official coach parks in the district, however, we have an agreement in place with West Midland Safari Park that coach drivers may park in their car parks after dropping passengers at their intended destination. 

Drop off points

It is recommended that coaches drop off passengers in one of the designated bus stops in our three main towns:

  • Bewdley – Load Street
  • Kidderminster – Exchange Place Bus Stop
  • Stourport-on-Severn – York Street or High Street

Terms and conditions

For the purposes of these terms coaches are defined as having 32 seats or more. For arrangements for vehicles with fewer seats than this please contact us

Coaches will be permitted to park at West Midland Safari Park under the following conditions:

  • No passengers are brought to the park, drivers only.
  • Drivers will report to reception to sign in. Company and driver’s name and contact details will be required as well as an expected departure time. 
  • Drivers will follow the directions of staff and park only where directed. 
  • West Midland Safari Park have the right to refuse admission to any coach. 
  • No overnight parking is permitted. 
  • If driver expects to arrive before 8am and/or leave after 4pm (7 days a week) prior arrangement will be needed. Please contact us.