We’ve made it easier than ever to submit your content to Stourport Town, and to keep your information up-to-date. It’s our aim that Stourport Town be a useful and enjoyable resource for our residents, and for visitors to the town. 

Types of content

There are currently three distinct types of content you can submit. For everything else, contact us.


Local businesses, charities, community groups (and more) show up in our directory.


Events show up in our ‘What’s on’ events calendar and elsewhere throughout the site.


Attractions are things of note in and around the town you might want to visit.

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Claiming your listing

It might be that your event, organisation or attraction has been listed by our staff or another third party. If this is the case, you will see a box on the listing that offers you the opportunity to claim that listing and manage it yourself. We need to check that you’re the owner of the listing before assigning it to you, but overall it’s a straightforward process. If you can’t find the option for whatever reason, you can submit a listing claim below.

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