Unlocking the Severn

The Unlocking the Severn project is inspired by one of the UK’s rarest fish. Hundreds of thousands of twaite shad used to migrate up the River Severn to reach their natural spawning grounds.  But weirs installed in the mid-19th century blocked this annual migration.  Unlocking the Severn will provide fish passage at six barriers on the River Severn and its River Teme tributary. This will restore 158 miles of river habitat and benefit a host of other important fish species including salmon and eel.

Unlocking the Severn includes exciting activities for people of all ages, interests and backgrounds so that more people can be inspired and learn from the UK’s longest river. Our heritage, education and people-powered science programmes aim to reconnect millions of people with the River. This includes working with community groups along the river, including over 6,000 school children, as well as creating opportunities for hundreds of volunteers.

You can get involved with the Unlocking the Severn project by registering for volunteering opportunities including the Severn Conservation Taskforce, Salmon Migration Monitoring or join the dedicated Diglis Island Green Team. For more information on all of these opportunities and more, please visit the Volunteering section of the website. Why not also try your hand at being a Citizen Scientist where you can help us monitor the annual shad migration by counting fish online. Get started counting shad online today!

The Canal & River Trust (lead), Severn Rivers Trust, Environment Agency and Natural England are the partner organizations for delivering this project. Unlocking the Severn is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the EU LIFE Programme, as well as The Waterloo Foundation and the partners.

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