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Ravens Gift Shop

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Ravens Gift Shop
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Ravens Gift Shop

You will find lots of interesting items in our Stourport on Severn shop including:

A huge range of crystals, from tumble stones to specimen pieces

Tarot cards & Angel meditation cards

Incense - we have a wonderful selection of incense from joss sticks to hand blends and resins

Wind chimes and dream catchers

Fair Trade gifts

Silver, handmade and fun affordable jewellery

Hippy/festival clothing

Ravens Recycled clothing range

Music and musical instruments

2 days ago

Ravens Gift Shop

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Lots of jewelry so far this month . As of 20th, we still have more that needs pricing up , and we'll get more photos as we get through that stock. The photos of the necklaces on the blue board... Everything on that board is silver, not bronze. It's some sort of glitch between the lighting and the camera that gives it a yellowish tinge !

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1 week ago

Ravens Gift Shop

Can the lovely customers who bought the wolf cone burner, runes & dream catcher...please pop back in or get in touch as I have change for you 😀✨ ... See MoreSee Less

...confirming what's we've believed for so long about our friends, the trees :-)

🌳 This is how trees secretly talk to each other... 🌳

Via BBC Worldwide
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It has been said that the fungal network that lies under the Boreal forest of Canada is not only the largest living thing on the planet, but also the oldest... At least 10,000 years old.

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