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9th February 2016
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Mikron Theatre Company

Event Details

Mikron Theatre Company perform ‘PURE’ in the Tontine Gardens

Turn up and enjoy!

Thursday 1st September 2016 — performance starts at 7.30pm.

Kreation Foods are the Big Cheese of Food Manufacturing – and they have big plans.

With all due razzmatazz they are about to re-launch the nation’s one time favourite chocolate bar “Plumstead’s Pure”. For Head of Marketing, Theresa, this is a delicious moment, but for idealistic trainee Faye the whole event is in bad taste.

Cut to 150 years in the past and the pioneers of chocolate are fighting other battles. John Jordan has discovered a revolutionary way to make chocolate – but can he persuade his tight fisted Landlord, Darius Sanguine, to finance his bold idea?

Join Mikron and devour a story of many flavours – both from the past and in the present. If a business is big does it really have to be bad? Does success always have a sweet smell?

Bring your own chairs, picnics, waterproofs.

Mikron will be taking a collection at the end of the performance. Turn up on the night – please bring waterproofs Call 01299 822 878 if weather is bad at the last minute to find out whether there is a wet weather alternative.

To find out more about the Mikron Theatre Company visit www.mikron.org.uk