Barbara Northall …Psychic Medium @ The Civic

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28th April 2018
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1st May 2018

Barbara Northall …Psychic Medium @ The Civic

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  • Venue: The Civic

Barbara Northall …Psychic Medium @ The Civic

Barbara has seen spirits from a young age, an early memory was seeing her grandfather waving, just after her mother had been told that he had passed away, this was when her mother said that there was a psychic ability was in the family.

Barbara wasn’t afraid as seemed normal to know things

She has lived and worked in Spain and is bilingual, after returning to the UK in 2006 began to develop the ability locally, with help from a local Redditch medium. She went to a retreat and ended up working at spiritual churches In the West Midlands. Giving readings to Canada Spain and other places abroad. She has become well known locally and her “Messages from Heaven “approach shows her spiritual and Christian side, with her warmth and fun and loving way she brings your loved one’s messages from the other side, its definitely not an evening to be missed.

(please be aware the evening is for an entertainment purpose and interpretation of the messages is for individuals attending)

May 12th at 7pm

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