Stourport Civic Society Events

Stourport Civic Society

All events start at 7-30pm at the Elizabeth Mills Centre (formerly the Social Day Centre) in New Street, Stourport. Everybody is welcome – Charge for non-members is £2.00.










12th September 2013

Pam Craven

Wilden’s Wondrous Windows

A history of how the stained glass windows in Wilden’s church came about. The speaker will be selling copies of the recent well illustrated book,The Baldwins, Burne-Jones and Wilden’s Pre-Raphaelite Glass.
10th October 2013

Christine Gledhill

Harvesting Hedgerows

The speaker will explain the use of nature’s free bounty. She will have a large variety of tasty jams for sale.
14th November 2013

Jon Goldswain

Edward Elgar, From the Cradle to the Grave

He works at the Elgar centre and will cover Elgar’s life including the women in it. Several snippets of Elgar’s music will also be played.
12th December 2013

David Skitt

Tales of the Severn Valley Railway

David will be recalling anecdotes of the Severn Valley Railway, some amusing but all suitable for a winter’s evening
9th January 2014


Festive Event

Members only
13th February 2014

Arthur Page

The Tidal Severn

Arthur will be describing the beauties and challenges of the lower reaches of our local river

13th March 2014

Geoff Shaw

The Burlish Camp Project

Geoff will outline the history of Burlish Camp during the war years together with the project to make this interesting site more accessible to the public 
10th April 2014

Gay Hill

Wyre Forest Historical Research Group

The Struggle for the vote in the West Midlands
8th May 2014




12th June 2014

Lizzie Hill

Bewdley’s Welsh Gate: A Hidden History

A talk about the development of Welsh Gate and Sandy Bank between the years 1650 and 1900, covering the buildings, living conditions and antics of some of Bewdley’s poorest (and notorious) former residents
10th July 2014

Ray Sturdy

The Real Dad’s Army

Memories of the war time Home Guard and the eventful time they had trying to become soldiers. You’ve seen the TV series, now find out the real story….