Stourport Civic Society Events

Stourport Civic Society

All events start at 7-30pm at the Elizabeth Mills Centre (formerly the Social Day Centre) in New Street, Stourport. Everybody is welcome – Charge for non-members is £2.00.










11th September 2014

Jim Parker The Tangyes and Parkers of Tickenhill Jim relates his childhood memories of these two Bewdley families, from whom he is descended.  His talk often ends with a song.
9th October 2014 Geoff King Stick Making Geoff talks through, and demonstrates, the art of stick making.  His talk is interactive with audience involvement. Sticks will be available  to buy or order.
13th November 2014 Derek Clarke Birmingham’s Back to Backs Derek’s fully  illustrated talk will take us through the restoration of Birmingham’s Back to Back houses.
11th December 2014 Alan Green The inside story of Pantomime Alan is a member of the local Monday Night Group, and wanted to call his talk “It’s behind you!”   Lots of anecdotes for Christmas story telling.
8th January 2015 Mike Wall Festive Event “Churches and Chips” Mike will give us an insight into new uses for redundant churches.  Followed by a Fish and Chip supper.
12th February 2015 Graham Hill Worcestershire’s Ancient Trees Graham talks about the ancient trees to be found around Worcestershire, encouraging you to go and find and enjoy them for yourself.
12th March 2015 “The Copper Pot Man” Bewdley Museum Georgian Food Our Georgian costumed speaker demonstrates the foods eaten, and how they were prepared and cooked in Georgian Times. Samples will be available to taste.
9th April 2015 Brian Draper A visit  to Ironbridge A popular speaker presenting his personal view of this World Heritage Site.
14th May 2015   AGM  
11th June 2015 Jo Roche Pioneers in Petticoats Jo tells the story of how Kidderminster High School came about, and how two women  in particular worked hard to develop this girls’ school.
9th July 2015 Gay Hill Ten things you never knew about Rowland Hill Rowland Hill was involved in much more than the post.  Gay has some interesting stories about him to share with us.